NCA Tour Results

The NCA Tour is a series of tournaments sanctioned by the NCA. Players earn tour ranking points according to their finish in each event, with the goal of amassing the most points to become NCA Tour Champion.
All Tour results can be found below. A listing of events for the current NCA season can be found on our tournaments page.


2019-2020 Tour
World Championship SinglesJustin SlaterDarren Carr
World Championship DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingNolan Tracey/Reid Tracey
Turtle IslandConnor ReinmanAndrew Hutchinson
BellevilleJason BeierlingRay Beierling
Owen SoundAndrew HutchinsonJon Conrad
Ontario DoublesJon Conrad/Andrew HutchinsonJason Beierling/Ray Beierling
Golden HorseshoeJason BeierlingAndrew Hutchinson


2018-2019 TourJustin SlaterRay Beierling
World Championship SinglesJustin SlaterJon Conrad
World Championship DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingJeremy Tracey/Roy Campbell
Turtle IslandJustin SlaterRoy Campbell
BellevilleJustin SlaterJason Beierling
Ontario DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingJustin Slater/Fred Slater
Owen SoundAndrew HutchinsonRay Beierling
Golden HorseshoeJustin SlaterRoy Campbell
LondonAndrew HutchinsonRobert Bonnett
Ontario SinglesConnor ReinmanJon Conrad


2017-2018 TourJustin SlaterNathan Walsh
World Championship SinglesRobert BonnettJon Conrad
World Championship DoublesNathan Walsh/Clare KuepferTony Snyder/Dave Meijer
Turtle IslandNathan WalshJon Conrad
BellevilleRay BeierlingJeremy Tracey
Ontario DoublesNathan Walsh/Connor ReinmanJustin Slater/Fred Slater
Owen SoundJon ConradRay Beierling
Golden HorseshoeJustin SlaterJon Conrad
LondonJustin SlaterRay Beierling
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterConnor Reinman


2016-2017 TourJustin SlaterRay Beierling
World Championship SinglesJustin SlaterNathan Walsh
World Championship DoublesFred Slater/Justin SlaterJason Beierling/Ray Beierling
Turtle IslandRay BeierlingNathan Walsh
BellevilleJustin SlaterNathan Walsh
Ontario DoublesFred Slater/Justin SlaterJason Beierling/Ray Beierling
Owen SoundJon ConradRay Beierling
Golden HorseshoeRay BeierlingJustin Slater
BC SinglesQuin ErzingerTom Johnston
BC DoublesTom Johnston/MJ AndreolaWade Thomas/Greg Pinel
LondonRay BeierlingJustin Slater
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterNathan Walsh


2015-2016 TourRay BeierlingJustin Slater
World Championship SinglesJustin SlaterRay Beierling
World Championship DoublesJon Conrad/Tony SnyderJason Beierling/Ray Beierling
Turtle IslandBrian CookJason Beierling
BellevilleJustin SlaterRay Beierling
Ontario DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingJon Conrad/Tony Snyder
Owen SoundRoy CampbellJason Beierling
Golden HorseshoeJon ConradAndrew Hutchinson
BC SinglesLinda IrvineJordon Ripley
BC DoublesJody Good/Saje GoodLinda Irvine/Quin Erzinger
LondonRay BeierlingAndrew Hutchinson
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterRoy Campbell


2014-2015 TourJustin SlaterRay Beierling
World Championship SinglesBrian CookJustin Slater
World Championship DoublesFred Slater/Justin SlaterClare Kuepfer/Nathan Walsh
Turtle IslandBrian CookJon Conrad
BellevilleJustin SlaterNathan Walsh
Ontario DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingFred Slater/Justin Slater
Owen SoundRay BeierlingNathan Walsh
Golden HorseshoeRay BeierlingNathan Walsh
BC SinglesJody GoodQuin Erzinger
BC DoublesLinda Irvine/Quin ErzingerAdrian Conradi/Ralph Hargrave
LondonAb LeitchRex Johnston
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterRay Beierling


2013-2014 TourJon ConradJustin Slater/Ray Beierling
World Championship SinglesJon ConradRay Haymes
World Championship DoublesFred Slater/Justin SlaterJon Conrad/Tony Snyder
Turtle IslandRay BeierlingJon Conrad
BellevilleNathan WalshBrian Cook
Ontario DoublesJason Beierling/Ray BeierlingRon Haymes/Ray Haymes
Owen SoundLouis GauthierFred Slater
Golden HorseshoeRon HaymesRay Beierling
BC SinglesAdrian ConradiQuin Erzinger
BC DoublesJody Good/Michael HughesLinda Irvine/Ralph Hargrave
LondonNathan WalshRay Beierling
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterNathan Walsh


2012-2013 TourJon ConradBrian Cook
World Championship SinglesJon ConradJustin Slater
World Championship DoublesJon Conrad/Tony SnyderFred Slater/Justin Slater
BellevilleBrian CookNathan Walsh
Ontario DoublesBrian Cook/Fred SlaterJason Beierling/Ray Beierling
Owen SoundBrian CookJon Conrad
Golden HorseshoeRay BeierlingJason Beierling
BC SinglesQuin ErzingerJody Good
BC DoublesLinda Irvine/Ralph HargraveJody Good/Michael Hughes
LondonFred SlaterJon Conrad
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterRay Beierling


2011-2012 TourBrian CookRay Beierling
World Championship SinglesRay BeierlingBrian Cook
World Championship DoublesRob Mader/Richard MaderMatt Brown/Dave Brown
BellevilleBrian CookRay Beierling
Ontario DoublesBrian Cook/Fred SlaterJoe Arnup/Eric Miltenburg
Owen SoundBrian CookEric Miltenburg
Golden HorseshoeBrian CookRay Beierling
BC SinglesBrian CookFred Slater
BC DoublesBrian Cook/Fred SlaterEd Ripley/Jordon Ripley
LondonJason BeierlingRay Beierling
PEI SinglesWilfred SmithGeorge Doughart
PEI DoublesNathan Walsh/Clare KuepferWilfred Smith/Lawson Lea
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterBrian Cook


2010-2011 TourBrian CookFred Slater
World Championship SinglesJustin SlaterBrian Cook
KawarthaFred SlaterBrian Cook
Ontario DoublesBrian Cook/Fred SlaterJon Conrad/Barry Kiggins
Golden HorseshoeBrian CookJoe Arnup
BC SinglesQuin ErzingerFred Slater
LondonRay BeierlingEric Miltenburg
PEI SinglesRichard MyersLawson Lea
Ontario SinglesBrian CookJon Conrad


2009-2010 TourJustin Slater/Ray Beierling
World Championship SinglesBrian CookNathan Walsh
KawarthaClare KuepferRay Beierling
Golden HorseshoeJustin SlaterBrian Cook
LondonRay BeierlingJustin Slater
WaterlooRay BeierlingJustin Slater
ExeterRay BeierlingJon Conrad
Ontario SinglesJustin SlaterRay Beierling


2009 TourBrian CookRay Beierling
LondonRay BeierlingFred Slater
WaterlooBrian CookDan Shantz
ExeterRay BeierlingBrian Cook
TorontoBrian CookMarlin Lichti
World Championship SinglesBrian CookNathan Walsh
Ontario SinglesBrian CookKent Robinson