2017 Scenic City Crokinole Championship

The 2017 Scenic City Crokinole Championship was played on November 25th, 2017 at the First United Church in Owen Sound, Ontario.
There were 53 players in what was the 92nd NCA event, and the 7th NCA event in Owen Sound, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Ray Beierling1062109
2Roy Campbell106198
3Andrew Hutchinson1052104
4Brian Simpson105289
5Nathan Walsh105099
6Jon Conrad1049109
7Roger Vaillancourt104991
8Jeremy Tracey104988
9Bev Vaillancourt104777
10Clare Kuepfer104383
11Eric Miltenburg104060
12Howard Martin104056
13Dale Henry103667
14Cathy Kuepfer103662
15Reid Tracey103366
16Nolan Tracey103364
17Randy Lyons102634
18Alex Dobbie102546
19Brian Henry102044
20Irwin (Moochie) Printup101751
21Gloria Walsh101630

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 3 groups. Competitors in groups had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Jon Conrad63160
2Ray Beierling62757
3Nathan Walsh62451
4Brian Simpson62346
5Roger Vaillancourt62342
6Andrew Hutchinson62155
7Roy Campbell61954

Second Round - Group B

1Jeremy Tracey63967
2Clare Kuepfer63547
3Eric Miltenburg62634
4Howard Martin62141
5Bev Vaillancourt62038
6Dale Henry61836
7Cathy Kuepfer6936

Second Round - Group C

1Nolan Tracey63853
2Reid Tracey63846
3Alex Dobbie62231
4Gloria Walsh62037
5Irwin (Moochie) Printup62034
6Randy Lyons61624
7Brian Henry61420

Final 4 - Group A

In the final 4 players had to finish in the top 2 to advance to the finals for the A group. Group B and C results determined the final rankings.

1Jon Conrad32141
2Ray Beierling31336
3Nathan Walsh3916
4Brian Simpson3519

Final 4 - Group B

1Jeremy Tracey31938
2Clare Kuepfer31522
3Howard Martin3818
4Eric Miltenburg3623

Final 4 - Group C

1Reid Tracey31827
2Alex Dobbie31411
3Nolan Tracey31220
4Gloria Walsh349


The finals were played in a race format.

A Group Final
First to 11
Jon Conrad12
Ray Beierling8

Recreational Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. The top scores determined the final rankings.

1Jo-Ann Carter & Al Carter1487114
2Neil & Carol Cook148189
3Bill Harris & Peter Carter148178
4Francis Zettler & Len Zettler147068
5Elmer Cook & Orville Cook147043
6Clark Campbell & Paul Armstrong145865
7Sharon Jolley & Jim Downing145774
8Murray Mizen & Mike Howe145756
9Carman & Evelyn Hodgkinson145263
10Janet Diebel & Helen Zettler145155
11Ken Henderson & Gauthier degli Agosti144545
12Lola VanDerHeide & Eleanor Reed144459
13Bob Patterson & Lloyd Cann144244
14Marilyn Thompson & Eldon McKinnon144150
15Vera Gutzke & Maxine Whitmore143449
16Doreen Sulkeye & Wendy Rusnak143138

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