2009 Waterloo County Classic Crokinole Tournament

The 2009 Waterloo County Classic Crokinole Tournament was played on April 18th, 2009 at the Schneider Haus Museum in Waterloo, Ontario.
There were 24 players in what was the 2nd NCA event, and the 1st NCA event in Waterloo, Ontario.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

Thetournament comprised of one round robin where each player played a game against all opponents with the exception of those on their own team.

1Brian Cook20112St. Jacobs
2Dan Schantz20105St. Jacobs
3Clarence Mudens20104Preston
4Joe Fulop2096Varna
5Ray Beierling2095Varna
6Derek Kidnie2094St. Jacobs
7Jason Beierling2093Varna
8Rich Mader2093Preston
9John Harvey2093London
10Ab Leitch2090Varna
11Bill Freeman2089St. Jacobs
12Nathan Walsh2083Stratford
13Kent Robinson2082London
14Ron Reesor2078London
15Bob Mader2072Preston
16Fred Slater2071Toronto
17Reg Matthison2069Stratford
18Eric Miltenburg2068Toronto
19Justin Slater2065Toronto
20George Cook2062Toronto
21Rob Mader2061Preston
22Greg Matthison2051Stratford
23Murray Matthison2049Stratford
24Dale Wagler2048London

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