The NCA Tour

The NCA Tour sanctions a series of crokinole tournaments each year, where players can earn ranking points at each event in the hopes of becoming NCA Tour Champion. Each NCA Tour season begins with the World Crokinole Championships in June, and concludes at the Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship in St. Jacobs in the following May. A player's tour ranking is determined by the sum of their best 4 tournament finishes in the season.
The Tour standings for the current season can be found on our results page.

2019-2020 NCA Tour Schedule

    Resumption and conclusion of 2019-2020 Tour has been postponed indefinitely.

2020-2021 NCA Tour Schedule

    Start date and schedule of 2020-2021 Tour to be determined in the future.

Non-NCA Events

  • POSTPONED - Kitchener, ON

    Schneider Haus Museum Invitational

  • POSTPONED - UK Games Expo

    UK Crokinole Championship      INFO

  • The NCA wishes to grow the game of crokinole, and thus promotes many tournaments despite them not being NCA-sanctioned events. Please contact the NCA should you wish to add a tournament to this listing.