2011 Prince Edward Island Provincial Championships

The 2011 Prince Edward Island Provincial Championships was played on April 16th, 2011 at the Cotton Centre in Stratford, PEI.
There were 56 players in what was the 19th NCA event, and the 1st NCA event in Stratford, PEI.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleDepot.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

Detailed results for the tournament are unavailable.

1Richard Myers
2Lawson Lea
3Derwin MacDonald
4Ann Boswell
5Richard Baker
6Wendell Jewell
7Everett Boulter
8Lorna Robertson
9Travis Wood
10Ernest Pippy
11Wilfred Smith
12John MacDonald
13Mike Doyle
14Robert Weeks
15Fred Doughart
16George Doughart
17Donald Steeves
18Jean MacRae
19Aaron Baglole
20Alma Nunn
21Irene Bernard
22Grant Laird
23Lloyd Jenkins
24Don Wood
25Sydney Myers
26Hazel Pippy
26Margaret Wigginton
26Olivia Doughart
26Doug Neill
26Clifton Jewell
26Ewen MacPhail
26Dale Boswell
26Sterling Jenkins
26Hazel MacKenzie
26Margaret MacKinley
26Norma Laird
26Albert Weeks
26Maureen Monaghan
26Mae MacLeod
26Dean MacFadyen
26Gerard Gill
26Linda Acorn
26Buddy MacKinley
26Roy Younker
26Alma Steeves
26David Younker
26Alvin Bernard
26Dixie Vickerson
26Sarah MacLean
26Leo Walsh
26Annie MacPhail
26Brian Moore
26Barbara Weeks
26Linda Lea
26Janet Docherty
26Brooke Robblee

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