2016 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament

The 2016 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament was played on January 30th, 2016 in Hamilton, Ontario.
There were 40 players in what was the 71st NCA event, and the 7th NCA event in Hamilton, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 4 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Roy Campbell96078
2Andrew Hutchinson95773
3Reuben Jong95068
4Al Carter94341
5Dale Henry93841
6John McFeeters93232
7Tom Walsh92928
8Ted Cossit92323
9Doreen Sulkye92231
10Manoah Jong966

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Ray Beierling96192
2Clare Kuepfer95751
3Jo-Ann Carter94533
4Jacob Westerhof94332
5Peter Carter93826
6Moochie Printup93025
7Gloria Walsh92826
8Dorothy Rigg92727
9John Herbst92110
10Ken Bauman91013

Preliminary Round - Group C

1Jake Ruggi96066
2Nathan Walsh96065
3Bob Jones95057
4Fred Slater94558
5Derek Mckie94059
6Brian Henry93426
7Marianne Estabrooks92825
8Zionne Jong91515
9Cindy Paul91417
10Rohin Subramanyah91312

Preliminary Round - Group D

1Jon Conrad96068
2Abijah Jong95671
3Eric Miltenburg95249
4Howard Martin94942
5Janet Diebel93338
6Alan Cerclier93238
7Mouser Henry92745
8Sheila Robertson92517
9David Murray91618
10Jahjireh Jong9116

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 4 groups. Competitors had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs from Group A, and in the top 2 in all other groups. Preliminary round results are unavailable for this tournament.

1Jon Conrad94568
2Ray Beierling94490
3Andrew Hutchinson94479
4Clare Kuepfer94373
5Reuben Jong93872
6Nathan Walsh93776
7Jake Ruggi93555
8Roy Campbell93274
9Eric Miltenburg92962
10Abijah Jong91140

Second Round - Group B

1Fred Slater96073
2Howard Martin94455
3Jo-Ann Carter94147
4Bob Jones94138
5Al Carter93847
6Derek Mckie93450
7Jacob Westerhof92938
8Brian Henry92618
9Peter Carter92331
10Dale Henry92237

Second Round - Group C

1Alan Cerclier95255
2Mouser Henry95243
3John McFeeters94653
4Janet Diebel94434
5Gloria Walsh93629
6Sheila Robertson93128
7Marianne Estabrooks92932
8Tom Walsh92836
9Moochie Printup92528
10Dorothy Rigg92425

Second Round - Group D

1Ted Cossit95630
2Doreen Sulkye95526
3John Herbst94820
4Ken Bauman93623
5David Murray93525
6Cindy Paul93522
7Jahjireh Jong93325
8Zionne Jong92822
9Rohin Subramanyah92112
10Manoah Jong993

Semifinals and Final - Group A

The top 4 played a best-of-3 games semifinals and finals to determine the winner. Matches were first to 5 games using the Quinte convention.

A Group Semifinals
Best of 3 games
Jon ConradW
Clare KuepferL
Ray BeierlingL
Andrew HutchinsonW

A Group Finals
Best of 3 games
Jon ConradW
Andrew HutchinsonL

Final - Group B

The top 2 in each group played a best-of-3 games final to determine the winner.

Best of 3 games
Fred SlaterW
Howard MartinL

Final - Group C

The top 2 in each group played a best-of-3 games final to determine the winner.

Best of 3 games
Alan CerclierW
Mouser HenryL

Final - Group D

The top 2 in each group played a best-of-3 games final to determine the winner.

Best of 3 games
Ted CossitW
Doreen SulkyeL

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