2013 Turtle Island Crokinole Championship

The 2013 Turtle Island Crokinole Championship was played on August 3rd, 2013 at the Tuscarora Nation House in Lewiston, NY.
There were 27 players in what was the 45th NCA event, and the 1st NCA event in Lewiston, NY.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Justin Slater86263
2Brian Cook85663
3Jon Conrad85569
4Ray Beierling85565
5Eric Miltenburg85154
6Fred Slater84948
7Jason Beierling84944
8Roy Campbell84853
9Nathan Jongsma84240
10Jerry Ward83944
11Joan Beierling83520
12John Zaengleir83343
13Abijah Jong83228
14Roy Bretz83226
15Kevin McIntosh82727
16Brian Henry82618
17John Ramsey82427
18Ray Henry82322
19Bruce Davis82318
20Tiffany Henry82217
21Jacob Henry82027
22Dale Henry81924
23Jonathan Brose81020
24Kevin Dougherty81017
25Emily Printup8914
26Barb Dougherty8510
27Pat Davis849

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 3 groups. Competitors in groups A, B and C had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Justin Slater84371
2Brian Cook84361
3Ray Beierling84056
4Jon Conrad83455
5Roy Campbell83255
6Fred Slater82860
7Jason Beierling82652
8Eric Miltenburg82359
9Nathan Jongsma81949

Second Round - Group B

1Joan Beierling84445
2Jerry Ward84428
3Kevin McIntosh83932
4Abijah Jong83833
5John Zaengleir82930
6Brian Henry82521
7Ray Henry82520
8John Ramsey82425
9Roy Bretz82324

Second Round - Group C

1Dale Henry85228
2Bruce Davis84326
3Jacob Henry84131
4Tiffany Henry83818
5Jonathan Brose82624
6Barb Dougherty82411
7Kevin Dougherty82320
8Emily Printup82314
9Pat Davis81914

Semifinals and Finals

The semifinals and finals played a best of 3 games. All games would play a maximum of 4 rounds with the possibility of a 4-4 draw. If after 3 games the players have an equal number of wins and draws, then tiebreaker rounds will be played in which an even number of rounds must be played until a clear winner is determined.

C Group Semifinals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Dale Henry616
Tiffany Henry050
Jacob Henry464
Bruce Davis424

C Group Finals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Dale Henry2610
Jacob Henry6014

B Group Semifinals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Kevin McIntosh266
Joan Beierling620
Jerry Ward85
Abijah Jong01

B Group Finals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Jerry Ward66
Kevin McIntosh00

A Group Semifinals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
John Conrad65
Justin Slater21
Ray Beierling65
John Conrad43

A Group Finals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Ray Beierling56
John Conrad32

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