2010 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship

The 2010 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship was played on May 15th, 2010 in St. Jacobs, Ontario.
There were 28 players in what was the 12th NCA event, and the 2nd NCA event in St. Jacobs, Ontario.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 3 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Ray Beierling959101
2Clare Kuepfer94566
3Fred Slater94468
4John Harvey94179
5Eric Miltenburg94167
6Bob Mader94071
7Marlin Lichti93776
8Grant Brown92639
9Lise Doucette91632
10Coe Miltenburg91142

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Brian Cook95163
2Jason Beierling94867
3Rob Mader94562
4John Conrad94478
5Brian Miltenburg94354
6Joe Arnup92862
7Howard Martin92151
8Jason Hogan92132
9Alex Protas92056

Preliminary Round - Group C

1Justin Slater95674
2Nathan Walsh95371
3Greg Matthison94360
4Cecil Wittich93948
5Dan Shantz93649
6John Quaiser93447
7Bill Freeman92945
8George Cook92143
9Marg Hogan91227

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 3 groups. Competitors in groups A, B and C had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Rob Mader945107
2Jason Beierling94395
3Ray Beierling941106
4Justin Slater939111
5John Conrad93985
6Brian Cook93892
7Fred Slater937113
8Nathan Walsh93496
9Clare Kuepfer92868
10Greg Matthison91659

Second Round - Group B

1John Harvey84475
2Bob Mader84143
3Cecil Wittich83948
4Eric Miltenburg83646
5Marlin Lichti83567
6Bill Freeman83462
7Dan Shantz83056
8John Quaiser82356
9Brian Miltenburg81948

Second Round - Group C

1Howard Martin84253
2George Cook84247
3Joe Arnup84047
4Grant Brown83540
5Jason Hogan83044
6Coe Miltenburg82948
7Alex Protas82848
8Lise Doucette82228
9Marg Hogan82029

Final 4 - Group A

Competitors in groups A, B and C had to finish in the top 2 to advance to the finals. Detailed scoring is not available.

1Justin Slater
1Jason Beierling
3Ray Beierling
4Rob Mader

Final 4 - Group B

1John Harvey
1Bob Mader
3Cecil Wittich
4Eric Miltenburg

Final 4 - Group C

1Joe Arnup
1Howard Martin
3George Cook
4Grant Brown


The finals played a best of 3 games with the winner of each game being determined by a race to 5 points.

C Group Finals
Best of 3 games
Joe ArnupW
Howard MartinL

B Group Finals
Best of 3 games
John HarveyW
Bob MaderL

A Group Final
Best of 3 games
Justin SlaterW
Jason BeierlingL

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