2011 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship

The 2011 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship was played on October 29th, 2011 in Stratford, Ontario.
There were 44 players in what was the 24th NCA event, and the 2nd NCA event in Stratford, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleDepot.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 2 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Jason Beierling/Ray Beierling855101
2Joe Arnup/Eric Miltenberg85183
3Brian Cook/ Fred Slater85095
4Ron Haymes/Ray Haymes84886
5Alex Protas/Dennis Ernest83251
6Reg Matthison/Murray Matthison83051
7Louis Gauthier/Chris Gorsline82771
8Ab Leitch/Steve Lefaive82754
9Scott Lobb/Stewart Grant82747
10Ted Southorn/Jim Carroll81936
11Carol Cook/Cathy Keupfer81229
12Joan Beierling/Marg Hayter8421

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Rex Johnston/Tom Johnston85168
2Clare Kuepfer/Neil Cook84241
3Matt Brown/Dave Brown84156
4Jon Conrad/Barry Kiggins83963
5Paul Hartman/Tony Snyder83879
6Jason Hogan/Lawrence Wicks83656
7Greg Matthison/Ron Reesor83043
8Howard Martin/Joe Fulop82755
9Lise Doucette/Karen Robinson8931
10Peter Cunningham/Bette Cunningham8728

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 2 groups. Competitors had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Paul Hartman/Tony Snyder94385
2Jason Beierling/Ray Beierling94294
3Joe Arnup/Eric Miltenberg94276
4Brian Cook/ Fred Slater94190
5Ron Haymes/Ray Haymes94069
6Rex Johnston/Tom Johnston94073
7Jon Conrad/Barry Kiggins93568
8Matt Brown/Dave Brown93270
9Clare Kuepfer/Neil Cook92556
10Jason Hogan/Lawrence Wicks92051

Second Round - Group B

1Greg Matthison/Ron Reesor95775
2Howard Martin/Joe Fulop84972
3Ab Leitch/Steve Lefaive84781
4Louis Gauthier/Chris Gorsline84562
5Reg Matthison/Murray Matthison84351
6Alex Protas/Dennis Ernest84169
7Scott Lobb/Stewart Grant83950
8Lise Doucette/Karen Robinson82747
9Peter Cunningham/Bette Cunningham82238
10Joan Beierling/Marg Hayter82226
11Ted Southorn/Jim Carroll82046
12Carol Cook/Cathy Keupfer81824

Final 4 - Group A

Competitors in group A had to finish in the top 2 to make the finals. Group B results determined the final standings.

1Joe Arnup/Eric Miltenberg31529
2Brian Cook/ Fred Slater31438
3Jason Beierling/Ray Beierling31032
4Paul Hartman/Tony Snyder3937

Final 4 - Group B

1Greg Matthison/Ron Reesor32134
2Louis Gauthier/Chris Gorsline31027
3Howard Martin/Joe Fulop3926
4Ab Leitch/Steve Lefaive3820


The finals played a best of 3 games with the winner of each game being determined by a race to 5 points.

A Group Final
Best of 3 games
(1) Joe Arnup/Eric Miltenberg0
(2) Brian Cook/ Fred Slater2

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