2020 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament

The 2020 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament was played on January 25th, 2020 in Hamilton, Ontario.
There were 54 players in what was the 111th NCA event, and the 11th NCA event in Hamilton, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round separated the competition into 5 groups. The top scores overall determined the group compositions for the second round. (The Top 2 in each division advanced to pool A, along with the next highest score.)

1Justin Slater95679
2Clare Kuepfer94564
3Reid Tracey94477
4Abijah Jong94362
5Mark Gallas94259
6Ron Reesor94147
7Kevin Ranney93553
8Maradyn Wood93551
9Kamiel Hayward91124
10Julie Ball9931

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Jeremy Tracey1068115
2Jason Beierling1065105
3Peter Carter106488
4Andrew Korchok105387
5Richard Ball104051
6Dennis Stubbs103726
7Jake Ruggi103660
8Kathy Geris102835
9David King102435
10Heather Inch101822
11Manoah Jong10729

Preliminary Round - Group C

1Roy Campbell1059104
2Roger Vaillancourt105875
3Ron Langill105759
4Ray Beierling105588
5Chris Inch104667
6Dale Henry104153
7Tyler Jiggins103438
8Doreen Sulkye102737
9John Hildebrand102639
10Jahjireh Jong102524
11Laura Ball101531

Preliminary Round - Group D

1Andrew Hutchinson1067101
2James Medway105663
3Eric Miltenburg105467
4Bev Vaillancourt104558
5Vuth Vann104268
6Michael Meleg103968
7Mark Malecki103862
8Rueben Jong103682
9Erwin Printup102436
10Zionne Jong102035
11Zac Rendell101854

Preliminary Round - Group E

1Fred Slater105763
2Nathan Walsh1056110
3Jo-Ann Carter104951
4Josh Carrafiello104558
5Jeff McKeen104554
6Bill Geris104173
7Graham Gilchrest103955
8Cathy Kuepfer103147
9Karen Robinson102846
10Steffan Hiller-Ranney102551
11Jacob Westerhof102222

Second Round - Group A

The second round was split into 5 groups. Competitors in group A had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs. Competitors in groups B-E had to finish in the top 2 to advance to the playoffs.

1Justin Slater1057122
2Roy Campbell105098
3Jason Beierling105089
4Andrew Hutchinson1049113
5Jeremy Tracey1043102
6Fred Slater103971
7Clare Kuepfer103884
8Peter Carter103469
9Nathan Walsh103092
10Roger Vaillancourt102764
11James Medway102374

Second Round - Group B

1Ray Beierling1065109
2Ron Langill105599
3Reid Tracey1046103
4Josh Carrafiello104491
5Andrew Korchok104382
6Eric Miltenburg104176
7Ron Reesor103993
8Chris Inch103471
9Jo-Ann Carter103155
10Abijah, Jong102561
11Mark Gallas101761

Second Round - Group C

1Mark Malecki105956
2Vuth Vann105250
3Jeff McKeen104647
4Kevin Ranney103949
5Graham Gilchrest103948
6Michael Meleg103851
7Maradyn Wood103844
8Bev Vaillancourt103749
9Richard Ball103636
10Bill Geris103350
11Dale Henry103158

Second Round - Group D

1Reuben Jong105672
2Jake Ruggi105461
3Steffan Hiller-Ranney105358
4John Hildebrand104345
5Cathy Kuepfer104341
6Dennis Stubbs103737
7Karen Robinson103443
8Doreen Sulkye103023
9Jahjireh, Jong102835
10Kathy Geris102126
11Tyler Jiggins10URUR

Second Round - Group E

1Laura Ball95142
2David King95034
3Zac Rendell94341
4Jacob Westerhof94232
5Zionne, Jong94139
6Heather Inch93918
7Julie Ball93634
8Erwin 'Moochie' Printup92433
9Manoah Jong91718
10Kamiel Hayward9URUR

Semifinals and Final - Group A

The semifinals and finals are in a best-of-3 games format, with each game awarding a winner based on who achieves 5 points first. The Hamilton event uses the "Wimbledon" rule, requiring any 3rd game tied at 4-4 to only be decided after an even number of rounds have been played. This provides both players with an equal number of hammer (aka last shot) rounds. Semifinal matchups in Group A pair the 1st and 4th seeds, and 2nd and 3rd seeds from the previous round. Groups B-E play a final.

A Group Semifinals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
(1) Justin Slater363
(4) Andrew Hutchinson545
(2) Roy Campbell04
(3) Jason Beierling66

A Group Finals
Game 1Game 2Game 3
(4) Andrew Hutchinson544
(3) Jason Beierling368

Final - Group B

Best of 3
Ray BeierlingW
Ron LangillL

Final - Group C

Best of 3
Mark MaleckiW
Vuth VannL

Final - Group D

Best of 3
Reuben JongW
Jake RuggiL

Final - Group E

Best of 3
David KingW
Laura BallL

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