2013 World Crokinole Championships - Doubles

The 2013 World Crokinole Championships - Doubles was played on June 1st, 2013 in Tavistock, Ontario.
There were 72 players in what was the 43rd NCA event, and the 5th NCA event in Tavistock, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. The top 6 scorers advanced to the A group playoffs. Finishers 7-12 advance to the B group playoffs.

1Fred Slater/Justin Slater64062
2Ronnie Haymes/Raymond Haymes63865
3John Conrad/Tony Snyder63845
4Raymond Kappes/Kevin Bechtel63663
5Jason Beierling/Ray Beierling63458
6David Brown/Matthew Brown63448
7Howard Martin/Roy Campbell63354
8Nathan Walsh/Clare Kuepfer63348
9Lloyd Wiseman/Steve Wiseman63250
10Donald Steeves/Lawson Lea63153
11Kyle Vaillancourt/Roger Vaillancourt63148
12Bill Freeman/Dan Shantz63143
13Tom Johnston/Rex Johnston63045
14Murray Coulthard/Donald Coulthard63034
15Kent Robinson/Paul Brubacher62850
16Dave Meijer/Kevin Brooks62849
17Nathan Jongsma/Joe Richards62745
18Rob Mader/Robert E. Mader62456
19Greg Matthison/John Harvey62450
20Brian Simpson/Ken Vaillancourt62444
21Chris Gorsline/Louis Gauthier62257
22David Younker/Darryl MacDonald62136
23Wilf Olson/Nic Olson62055
24Merv Wice/Melissa Church62035
25Ryan Hedley/Kohl Hedley61937
26Andy Morris/Wayne Morris61827
27Doug Howard/Graham Howard61621
28Peter Tarle/Reg Chisholm61540
29Robert Weeks/Douglas Neill61539
30Steve Van Klooster/Elton G Kitson61426
31Jonathan Fuerth/Paul Fuerth61412
32Ewen W MacPhail/Annie MacPhail61341
33Dale Wagler/Cathy Kuepfer61031
34Ken Whytock/Tristan Whytock6828
35Matt Timberlake/Greg Dick6821
36Zac Anderson/Nick Penner6312

Final 6 - Group B

The results of the B group 5-game round robin determined the final rankings from 7th to 12th.

1Bill Freeman/Dan Shantz52439
2Howard Martin/Roy Campbell52140
3Donald Steeves/Lawson Lea52138
4Nathan Walsh/Clare Kuepfer52035
5Lloyd Wiseman/Steve Wiseman51836
6Kyle Vaillancourt/Roger Vaillancourt51635

Final 6 - Group A

The results of the A group 5-game round robin determined the final rankings from 1st to 6th.

1Fred Slater/Justin Slater52552
2John Conrad/Tony Snyder52449
3Jason Beierling/Ray Beierling52048
4Ronnie Haymes/Raymond Haymes51948
5David Brown/Matthew Brown51842
6Raymond Kappes/Kevin Bechtel51437

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