2019 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship

The 2019 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship was played on May 4th, 2019 at the St. Jacobs Mennonite Church in St. Jacobs, Ontario.
There were 53 players in what was the 104th NCA event, and the 11th NCA event in St. Jacobs, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 5 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Justin Slater96195
2Reid Tracey95380
3Dwayne Campbell94771
4Janet Waite93969
5Darren Carr93671
6Rex Johnston93358
7Eric Miltenberg92872
8Kathie Fisher92341
9Cathy Kuepfer92026
10Wayne Bell92044

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Jon Conrad107385
2Andrew Hutchinson105787
3Ray Kappes105669
4Peter Carter104757
5Roger Vaillantcourt104562
6Damir Kamenski103840
7Kevin Ranney103449
8Dave McCormick103033
9Howard Martin102842
10Gina Shick101512
11Vera Gutzke101322

Preliminary Round - Group C

1Ray Beierling106498
2Conner Reinman106088
3Nolan Tracey105261
4Paul Brubacher104760
5Christina Campbell104062
6Bev Vaillantcourt104047
7Kevin Bechtel103954
8Maxine Whitmore103035
9Steffan Hiller Ranney102932
10Doreen Sulky102227
11Janet Diebold101723

Preliminary Round - Group D

1Jason Beierling106880
2Jeremy Tracey106274
3Fred Slater105266
4Clare Kuepfer105161
5Robert Jones105152
6Jo-Anne Carter104249
7Dale Henry103240
8Dave Carnahan103041
9Robin Baillie102325
10Eileen Bell101628

Preliminary Round - Group E

1Nathan Walsh95962
2Ron Langill94967
3Roy Campbell94943
4Robert Bonnett94675
5Brian Simpson94361
6Josh Carrafiello93759
7Mark Gallas93438
8Gloria Walsh91819
9Nolan Bechtel91527
10Irvin Printup (Moochi)9826

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 5 groups. Competitors had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Andrew Hutchinson1047112
2Ray Beierling1047126
3Connor Reinman1043117
4Jon Conrad104278
5Jeremy Tracey1039121
6Justin Slater1039124
7Ray Kappes1039107
8Reid Tracey103988
9Jason Beierling1037111
10Nathan Walsh103792
11Ron Langill103088

Second Round - Group B

1Robert Bonnett105886
2Fred Slater105664
3Roy Campbell104675
4Peter Carter104279
5Nolan Tracey104278
6Paul Brubacher103759
7Brian Simpson103753
8Clare Kuepfer103654
9Dwayne Campbell103572
10Robert Jones102659
11Roger Vaillantcourt102453

Second Round - Group C

1Rex Johnston105472
2Christina Campbell105481
3Darren Carr104863
4Janet Waite104557
5Josh Carrafiello104461
6Jo-Anne Carter103754
7Mark Gallas103661
8Bev Vaillantcourt103556
9Damir Kamenski103039
10Kevin Ranney102751
11Kevin Bechtel102438

Second Round - Group D

1Eric Miltenberg95955
2Howard Martin94534
3Wayne Bell93927
4Dale Henry93828
5Dave Carnahan93636
6Maxine Whitmore93527
7Dave McCormick93525
8Robin Baillie92525
9Kathie Fisher92522
10Steffan Hiller Ranney92341

Second Round - Group E

1Cathy Kuepfer95740
2Doreen Sulky94229
3Gloria Walsh94031
4Tom Walsh93730
5Irvin Printup (Moochi)93537
6Gina Shick93521
7Eileen Bell92929
8Janet Diebold92922
9Nolan Bechtel92320
10Vera Gutzke92011

Semifinals and Finals

The semifinals and finals were played in a race format with the Wimbledon rule.

E Group Semifinals
Cathy KuepferL
Tom WalshW
Doreen SulkyeL
Gloria WalshW

E Group Finals
First to 11
Tom Walsh9
Gloria Walsh11

D Group Semifinals
Eric MiltenburgW
Dale HenryL
Howard MartinW
Wayne BellL

D Group Finals
Howard MartinW
Eric MiltenburgL

C Group Semifinals
Rex JohnstonW
Janet WaiteL
Christina CampbellW
Darren CarrL

C Group Finals
Rex JohnstonW
Christina CampbellL

B Group Semifinals
Robert BonnettW
Peter CarterL
Fred SlaterL
Roy CampbellW

B Group Finals
Robert BonnettW
Roy CampbellL

A Group Semifinals
First to 9
Andrew Hutchinson7
Jon Conrad9
Ray Beierling8
Connor Reinman12

A Group Finals
First to 11
Connor Reinman11
Jon Conrad9

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