2014 Turtle Island Crokinole Championship

The 2014 Turtle Island Crokinole Championship was played on August 9th, 2014 at the Tuscarora Nation House in Lewiston, NY.
There were 13 players in what was the 56th NCA event, and the 2nd NCA event in Lewiston, NY.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Ray Beierling1277127
2Fred Slater127496
3Jon Conrad126680
4Roy Campbell126097
5Brian Cook126095
6Clare Kuepfer125759
7Tony Snyder124960
8Eric Miltenburg124469
9Demian Johnston123245
10Cathy Kuepfer123239
11Peter Carter123047
12Brian Henry122345
13Dale Henry122250

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 2 groups. Competitors had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Ray Beierling63650
2Brian Cook63045
3Fred Slater62641
4John Conrad62345
5Clare Kuepfer62033
6Roy Campbell61741
7Tony Snyder61632

Second Round - Group B

1Eric Miltenburg52831
2Demian Johnston52436
3Brian Henry52025
4Cathy Kuepfer52018
5Peter Carter51923
6Dale Henry5918

Semifinals and Finals

The semifinals and finals played a best of 3 games.

B Group Semifinals
Best of 3 games
Eric MiltenburgW
Cathy KuepferL
Demian JohnstonW
Brian HenryL

B Group Finals
Best of 3 games
Eric MiltenburgW
Demian JohnstonL

A Group Semifinals
Best of 3 games
Jon ConradW
Ray BeierlingL
Brian CookW
Fred SlaterL

A Group Finals
Best of 3 games
Brian CookW
Jon ConradL

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