2010 Waterloo County Classic Crokinole Tournament

The 2010 Waterloo County Classic Crokinole Tournament was played on April 17th, 2009 at the Schneider Haus Museum in Waterloo, Ontario.
There were 28 players in what was the 10th NCA event, and the 2nd NCA event in Waterloo, Ontario.

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The tournament comprised of one round robin where players played games against opponents from other teams. Due to the size of the field, the round robin was incomplete.

1Ray Beierling1699Varna
2Justin Slater1693Toronto
3Brian Cook1691St. Jacobs
4Jason Beierling1684Varna
4Eric Miltenburg1684Toronto
6Ab Leitch1683Varna
7Paul Brubacher1682St. Jacobs
8Jon Conrad1675St. Jacobs
9Marlin Lichti1673Stratford
10Wayne Gingrich1672Varna
11Bernie Kraemer1671St. Jacobs
12Fred Slater1669Toronto
13Nathan Walsh1666Stratford
13John Harvey1666London
15Ron Reesor1664London
16Joe Arnup1661Toronto
16Jason Carter1661Stratford
18Kent Robinson1660London
18Bob Mader1660Preston
20Clarence Miedema1654Preston
21Rob Mader1653Preston
22Greg Matthison1651London
22Alex Protas1651Waterloo
24Lanny McNeil1646Stratford
25Kim Stankiewicz1638Preston
26Marvin Reed1634Waterloo
27Dennis Ernest1632Waterloo
28John O'Brien1624Waterloo

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