2013 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship

The 2013 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship was played on October 26th, 2013 at the Brucefield United Church in Brucefield, Ontario.
There were 28 players in what was the 47th NCA event, and the 2nd NCA event in Brucefield, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre, and by CrokinoleDepot.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. Teams had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs. Games were played with a total of 6 rounds each.

1Ray Haymes/Ron Haymes13105199
2Ray Beierling/Jason Beierling13100223
3Jon Conrad/Tony Snyder1396152
4Tom Johnston/Rex Johnston1391207
5Fred Slater/Eric Miltenberg1391159
6Ab Leitch/Wayne Gingerich1386173
7John Harvey/Ron Reesor1385148
8Roy Campbell/Howard Martin1378166
9Matt Brown/Dave Brown1376172
10Peter Tarle/Reg Chisholm1374156
11Paul Brubaker/Bill Freeman1373154
12Nathan Walsh/Gloria Walsh1361128
13Clare Kuepfer/Neil Cook1359125
14Dale Henry/Fred Smith131393


The playoffs were setup in a "page playoff" format with the winner of the 1v2 game going directly to the finals and the loser to the semifinals to play the winner of the 3v4 game. All matches were played first 10 points after an equal number of hammer rounds. If tied 10-10, sets of 2 rounds were played until a clear winner was determined to a max of 18 points.

1v2 Match
First to 10 pts
(1) Haymes/Haymes3
(2) Beierling/Beierling11

3v4 Match
First to 10 pts
(3) Conrad/Snyder18
(4) Johnston/Johnston16

First to 10 pts
(1) Haymes/Haymes11
(3) Conrad/Snyder3

First to 10 pts
(2) Beierling/Beierling11
(1) Haymes/Haymes5

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