2019 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship

The 2019 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship was played on November 16th, 2019 at the Brucefield United Church in Brucefield, Ontario.
There were 68 players in what was the 110th NCA event, and the 8th NCA event in Brucefield, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round

The preliminary round was played in 1 group. Teams had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Ray Beierling/Jason Beierling1375170
2Roy Campbell/Jeremy Tracey1374190
3Jon Conrad/Andrew Hutchinson1372182
4Justin Slater/Fred Slater1369153
5Nolan Tracey/Reid Tracey1364165
6Robert Bonnett/Darren Carr1363176
7Gloria Walsh/Nathan Walsh1355106
8Neil Cook/Clare Kuepfer1351127
9Christina Campbell/Dwayne Campbell1349115
10John Lichty/Ron Langill1346144
11Dale Henry/Eric Miltenberg1342106
12Bob Jones/Howard Martin1342128
13Carol Cook/Cathy Kuepfer132584
14Randy Nevers/Kurt Ruthers13351


The semifinals and finals were played in a race format.

First to 9
(1) Ray Beierling/Jason Beierling10
(4) Justin Slater/Fred Slater4
(2) Roy Campbell/Jeremy Tracey10
(3) Jon Conrad/Andrew Hutchinson8

First to 11
(1) Ray Beierling/Jason Beierling6
(3) Jon Conrad/Andrew Hutchinson12

Recreational Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 2 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Peter Carter/Tyson Kuepfer74374
2Jack McLaughlin/Dave White73846
3Harvey Atchinson/Joyce Atchinson73445
4Steffan Hiller-Ranney/Kevin Ranney73351
5Rich Vander Hoven/Tony Vander Hoven73039
6Alec Ostrem/Klaas Steenbeek72544
7Doreen Sulkye/Marilyn Thompson72344
8Carman Hodgkinson/Evelyn Hodgkinson72345
9Brian Henry/Moochie71842
10Rachel Anstett/Sherry Anstett71323

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Rex Johnston/Ab Leitch74545
2Cor Vander Hoven/Steve Lefaive74057
3Wayne Bell/Eileen Bell73042
4Jo-Ann Carter/Dave Bint72947
5Jeff McKeen/Ron Nicol72641
6Lola Vanderheide/Mike Howe72530
7Vera Gutzke/Maxine Whitmore72233
8Doris Giddings/Phylis Lightfoot72221
9Robin Baillie/Robin Piotto72125
10Fred Smith/Joan Beierling72134

Second Round - Group A

The second round was split into 2 groups. Results from this round-robin determined the final standings of the division.

1Peter Carter/Tyson Kuepfer95791
2Rex Johnston/Ab Leitch95170
3Harvey Atchinson/Joyce Atchinson94161
4Cor Vander Hoven/Steve Lefaive93981
5Rich Vander Hoven/Tony Vander Hoven93662
6Jack McLaughlin/Dave White93660
7Steffan Hiller-Ranney/Kevin Ranney93149
8Jo-Ann Carter/Dave Bint92952
9Jeff McKeen/Ron Nicol92455
10Wayne Bell/Eileen Bell91628

Second Round - Group B

1Carman Hodgkinson/Evelyn Hodgkinson95662
2Doris Giddings/Phylis Lightfoot95039
3Brian Henry/Moochie94950
4Doreen Sulkye/Marilyn Thompson94553
5Vera Gutzke/Maxine Whitmore93644
6Alec Ostrem/Klaas Steenbeek93638
7Lola Vanderheide/Mike Howe93334
8Robin Baillie/Robin Piotto92941
9Fred Smith/Joan Beierling91730
10Rachel Anstett/Sherry Anstett91529

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