2018 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament

The 2018 Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament was played on January 27th, 2018 in Hamilton, Ontario.
There were 45 players in what was the 93rd NCA event, and the 9th NCA event in Hamilton, Ontario.
A tournament recap was provided by CrokinoleCentre.
Videos from the tournament are provided by CrokinoleCentre

Competitive Division

Preliminary Round - Group A

The preliminary round was played in 4 groups. The top scores determined the group compositions for the second round.

1Nathan Walsh1069117
2Eric Miltenburg1057106
3Nolan Tracey1053105
4Bill Geris104684
5Jake Ruggi104473
6Clare Kuepfer104384
7Andrew Van Andel1042104
8Al Carter103472
9Janet Diebel112238
10Lorne Argent111750
11Jacob Westerhof111347

Preliminary Round - Group B

1Jon Conrad106294
2Roger Vaillancourt105890
3Fred Slater105760
4Michael Meleg105389
5Reid Tracey104977
6Cathy Kuepfer104158
7Dave Braun103445
8Kathy Geris102944
9Ken Baumann112441
10Brian Henry112436
11Thomas Sharpe111128

Preliminary Round - Group C

1Justin Slater1072103
2Jason Beierling106992
3Peter Carter105259
4Roy Campbell105198
5Andrew Korchok104258
6Howard Martin104154
7Bev Vaillancourt103650
8Erwin 'Moochie' Printup102639
9Linda Baumann102445
10Gauthier Degli Agosti111526
11Holly Argent111017

Preliminary Round - Group D

1Ray Beierling1075137
2Andrew Hutchinson1066109
3Connor Reinman1064111
4Derek Mckie1056116
5Barry Mambourquette105487
6Bill Harris104864
7Jo-Ann Carter104364
8Dale Henry103655
9Cindy Paul112442
10Braden Van Andel112435
11Dorothy Rigg112145
12Doreen Sulkye111957

Second Round - Group A

The second round was played in 4 groups. Competitors had to finish in the top 4 to advance to the playoffs.

1Justin Slater1162160
2Ray Beierling1158152
3Jon Conrad1152120
4Andrew Hutchinson1150146
5Jason Beierling1148149
6Eric Miltenburg1146112
7Nathan Walsh1140130
8Connor Reinman1138136
9Roger Vaillancourt1138124
10Fred Slater1137110
11Nolan Tracey1133108
12Peter Carter112588

Second Round - Group B

1Roy Campbell105763
2Derek Mckie105279
3Bill Geris104574
4Clare Kuepfer104469
5Reid Tracey104480
6Michael Meleg104457
7Barry Mambourquette104064
8Andrew Van Andel103977
9Jake Ruggi102963
10Bill Harris102351
11Andrew Korchok102341

Second Round - Group C

1Al Carter105254
2Cathy Kuepfer105051
3Howard Martin104658
4Bev Vaillancourt104652
5Jo-Ann Carter104451
6Linda Baumann104253
7Kathy Geris103035
8Erwin 'Moochie' Printup102954
9Dave Braun102735
10Ken Baumann102528
11Dale Henry10

Second Round - Group D

1Brian Henry105632
2Gauthier Degli Agosti105338
3Jacob Westerhof105150
4Janet Diebel104529
5Doreen Sulkye104444
6Braden Van Andel104246
7Lorne Argent104239
8Holly Argent103122
9Cindy Paul102442
10Dorothy Rigg102345
11Thomas Sharpe101919

Semifinals and Final - Group A

The top 4 played a best-of-3 games semifinals and finals to determine the winner. Matches were first to 5 points with the Wimbledon rule.

Best of 3
Justin SlaterW
Andrew HutchinsonL
Jon ConradW
Ray BeierlingL

Best of 3
Justin SlaterW
Jon ConradL

Semifinals and Final - Group B

Best of 3
Roy CampbellW
Clare KuepferL
Derek McKieW
Bill GerisL

Best of 3
Roy CampbellW
Derek McKieL

Semifinals and Final - Group C

Best of 3
Al CarterW
Bev VaillancourtL
Cathy KuepferW
Howard MartinL

Best of 3
Al CarterW
Cathy KuepferL

Semifinals and Final - Group D

Best of 3
Brian HenryW
Doreen SulkyeL
Janet DiebelW
Jacob WesterhofL

Best of 3
Janet DiebelW
Brian HenryL

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